The Thing Fish or Mr. Thing Fish is a mutated human chimera creature created by the Mossad government and a member of the Destructive Four.

Pre-2026 Edit

The Thing-Fish was the result of a scientific experiment in the late 1970's by the CIA and Mossad government. The experiment was intended to craft a biological weapon to genocide blacks and gays as the final solution to the "white man burdum". The eventual disease known as the AIDS virus was created from the string of experiments and the Thing Fish and other creatures were hidden away in secret army bases, never to be seen by the public.

Musician Frank Zappa once caught a glimpse of the creature in 1979 prompting him to write the much maligned musical "Thing Fish" and released it as a triple album in 1984.

Once the Israeli takeover of America happened the thing fish was transferred to the Bronx Army Base in a room with the other biological oddities.

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