Salomon James de Rothschild was a French-Jewish banker and black sheep of the prestigious Rothschild family. His relation to Jacob Rothschild is that of a distant cousin. Of much greater importance, however, is the fact that he is the (rumored!!!) great-great-grandfather of Howard.


Salomon James de Rothschild was one of the more obscure scions of the great Rothschild family. None of this is due to lack of personality, showmanship, or talent, however, for which he had boatloads of, but rather blatant and deliberate expunging of his memory from history by his relatives in the Rothschild family, all of whom having considered his many zany exploits to be unfavorable against their well-earned reputation. A direct descendant of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, progenitor of their eponymous banking dynasty, Salomon had extreme fortune and success to look forward to—the milk and honey of which Judaic sages spoke for centuries—despite being a representative of the family's French branch of banking, which dwarfed in comparison to the English branch, founded by his uncle, Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

Salomon's relationship to his father, James Mayer de Rothschild, was... troubled, to say the least. His father, who managed to fall under the generous graces of King Louis Philippe, was a far more esteemed Rothschild, an earnest man dedicated to his business and craft. On the other hand, Salomon was a ribald player, a sex-fiend (two traits which only further verify his ancestry to Howard), and, most worthy of condemnation, a man who viewed his family's banking affairs simply for the lark of it all. Frequently maligned by his brothers and uncles alike, his father initially tried to give the devil his due, so to speak, for Salomon also contained qualities of joviality, keen intelligence, as well as a debonair ounce of taste. Urged by his fellow Rothschilds to cut the purse strings from his son, James, something of a family man, himself, failed to do so out of moral imperative, a decision which eventually would fall ignominiously against his benefit.

So luck would have it, Salomon, sometime in his early 20s, as two French authors who observed the whole ordeal at the time put it, squandered "a million on the stock exchange in attempted secrecy from his father." The details of the controversy are unknown; the ferocious ire provoked in his father, however, is. Stripped of his assets, humiliated, and forced to endure an ancient Kabbalistic hazing ritual, Salomon was allowed to salvage the rest of his dignity and Rothschild cognomen on the sole condition that he move to Frankfurt and tend to the family's bookkeeping affairs. His father, whose wits must have begun diminishing as he entered into old age, only allowed this arrangement to continue for roughly 2 years, upon which, much to the family's chagrin, he forgivingly dispatched Salomon to the United States of America, with the task of introducing the preeminent Rothschild name to the New World.

Surprisingly, the young Salomon had matured quite a lot during his stint in Frankfurt, obtaining an erudite knowledge
Howard ms paint great grandpda

A restored daguerreotype of Salomon's possibly illegitimate child, to whom a name has never been officially given

of the art of banking, mastering his social skills, yet still remaining an amateur day-trader. While managing his time securing the financial interests of his family, Salomon spent his free-time by making the acquaintance of America's socialite elite, and was a bona fide bon vivant, becoming a favorite of all the loveliest bourgeois dames around. Rivaling Ben Franklin, Salomon was known for his elaborate orgies—a source of great dismay for his family, who bit their tongues on the matter nonetheless. An illegitimate child, whose name and insemination both remain shrouded in mystery, was very likely the result of Salomon's orgies and, said child, pictured to the left, is considered by some historians as belonging to Salomon himself. Salomon's lasciviousness, in due course, was put to an end following the marriage to his own cousin, once removed, Adèle von Rothschild, whence he also returned to Paris.

Events Prior to DeathEdit

Prior to this, however, Salomon, a staunch reactionary and Confederate sympathizer, embroiled himself in the politics surrounding the American Civil War. From what can be assembled together using the extant but scarce documents, Salomon, near the tail end of the war, familiarized himself with John Wilkes Booth, both of whom attended the same Masonic lodge together. At some undisclosed point in time, potentially 1862, Salomon was introduced by Booth to a cabal of conspirators against President Abraham Lincoln's life, all while the war effort was raging on like two angry bulls. After some coaxing, Salomon agreed to provide funding for the maverick group, all of which he attempted clandestinely. While his family members did, indeed, come to ascertain Salomon's grave transgression, he is still reputedly responsible for the assassination which was to take place a year after his own death. Furthermore, it is alleged that Salomon, himself, was poisoned by his brothers, resulting in his untimely death, as he, once again, began to pose more problems than good. However, we here at the Fellowship of the E-Celebs Wiki, influenced by the sole fact that the official narrative is more humorous, rebuke this as a wild conspiracy theory. Salomon, as all ordained Rothschild scholars know, died following his single successful close at the stock exchange, due to the resultant exhilaration he experienced.


  • Salomon, though his relation to Nathan Mayer Rothschild, was very distantly related to Karl Marx. If one of his forebears, this would mean that Howard, through Salomon, is also related to Marx—albeit, even more distantly.
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