SWEGTA was a semi-successful Swedish YouTuber and former acquaintance of Animancer. He was one of the first people to be killed by the group "The Destructive Four".

Pre-2026 Edit

Setting up his YouTube channel in 2010, SWEGTA gained a reasonable following making videos on the cult video game Bully. His videos stretched this concept as far as possible, from covering secrets in the game to finding minor easter eggs. His desperation to stay relevant whilst also focusing on a single game made over a decade ago caused him to hype up a potential sequel to Bully which never happened.

During the height of his popularity, SWEGTA partnered with Animancer to form a Drunken Peasants ripoff called Underhaven. The show ran for a couple years until SWEGTA found out about Animancer's unethical activities during the Kivil War. The duo broke up and SWEGTA developed a moral vengeance against him.

History Edit

By 2026, Bully and Rockstar Games fell into irreparable irrelevancy. SWEGTA's life at this point was empty without a vehicle to express himself—he needed a new obsession. That obsession was his old friend Animancer, of whom SWEGTA decided to settle the score with. After months of e-stalking, SWEGTA traveled all the way to Animancer's new home in the Bronx. SWEGTA—who, little known fact, had an incredibly rotund belly—planned on ending Animancer in the most cringe way possible: voring him to death.

This confrontation happened while Animancer was doing his typical McDonald's livestream. During one of Animancer's potty breaks, SWEGTA ominously walked up to the bathroom stall, speaking in his Nordic tongue. Animancer opened the door to a most horrific sight: SWEGTA dislocating his jaw à la a cobra. The poor quadroon was swallowed whole. SWEGTA needed to wait a while for his stomach acid to melt Animancer, so he stayed in the bathroom until the coast was clear.

Unbeknownst to SWEGTA, Animancer's friend Jason Unruhe was searching for him. He went to the bathroom asking SWEGTA about Ani's whereabouts, and SWEGTA foolishly mentioned he had vored him whole. Unruhe decided to brutally attack SWEGTA. Jason swung his bat with all his might and splattered SWEGTA's brains all over the room. Unruhe then cut open SWEGTA's stomach saving Animancer.

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  • Although English is his second language, his pronunciation is quite good, tricking most people into thinking he's just a funny sounding American.
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