RazörFist is a YouTube commentator who publishes his own reviews/rants on subjects like video games, movies, shows, pop culture, politics, music, and something else inconsequential. He is the most successful clone of Howard J. Lovecraft and was created for the express purpose of exterminating all of Howard's botched clones after they escaped in a lab breach circa 2006. As of 2027, he has yet to even look into it, channeling all of his energy into ranting about random internet stuff that pisses him off (further proving that he is the perfect Howard clone).

Prior to 2027Edit


As a part of his quest for immortality, Howard began a project of creating botched clones of himself for organ harvesting. Most of these experiments were unsuccessful or yielded subjects insufficient for harvesting. The most notable of these insufficient clones were Spoony (set aside for being too lazy), Styxhexenhammer666 (not autistic enough), and Some Schmuck (not enough of a sophist).

For reasons unknown, a lab breach occurred around 2006 which resulted in the escape of every clone into the wild. Enraged, Howard began experiments to create a perfect clone of himself to hunt down the defects. However, he became quickly distracted and forgot about the incident altogether. 70 years later, his life being unnaturally prolonged by the organic materials he still had access to, Howard noticed that he was almost out of backup testicles. Perplexed by the shortage of the one set of organs he kept the highest stock on, Howard immediately remembered the escape of all his clones almost a century prior, and hastily scrambled to create a perfect clone to send back in time to hunt them all down.

The result was a complete copy of himself, fully grown and pre-programmed with the objective of his mission. Before Howard could brief his creation on everything else about his task, his severe and debilitating dementia caused him to become hopelessly confused. Seeing the newly born and naked visage of himself, he assumed that he had created this clone for the sole purpose of replacing his rapidly decaying testicles. This misunderstanding led to a physical altercation where the decrepit old man chased the naked clone around his lab in a futile attempt to rip his nuts off. Panicked, the young clone leapt through Howard's time portal and was sent back to the year 2009 (possibly because Howard was also planning to have the clone assassinate US President Barack Obama and simply forgot to set it back earlier).

Materializing in Phoenix, Arizona (less than an hour away from where Spoony was living), the clone took a good look around him, accurately accessed that none of the other clones were in his immediate line of site, and instantly proceeded to do something else. Like all of Howard's clones, the young clone was assigned a name by his creator: RazörFist. Originally it was going to be "the Shadow," but Howard wanted to keep that one for his Steam account/sex dungeon RP so instead he just chose a DC character's name out of a hat and punched it in. However, in public, he went by the name "Daniel Harris" so that people would stop calling him a "faggot."

Life in PheonixEdit

RazörFist went on to dedicate the rest of his life to cultivating his internet persona, "The Rageaholic," so he could properly vent all of his ingrained hatred for existence—with particular wrath reserved against Moviebob. As a matter of fact, in spite of his channel being predominately focused on vidya games, the ire provoked wholly by Moviebob caused him to neglect vidya almost altogether; as was proven in 2013, following his own self-doxing, his Xbox Live account barely had any hours logged for games which he had reserved vociferous calumny towards. Likewise, RazörFist's video creation process comprised entirely of smearing mascara onto his face before turning on his 'Creative Labs CT6840 USB Video Blaster Webcam III' and spouting the belletristic cavil for which he is known. Immediately thereafter, he would pile onto the lap of his """friend""" the duty of editing the raw .mp4 file into something suitable for YouTube, giving himself ample time to pursue his dream of becoming a metal magazine columnist.

Additionally, despite his natural sagacity, RazörFist had innumerable difficulties pertaining to the art of courtship, yet, nonetheless, tried with utmost stoutheartedness in order to get laid. One such exploit follows our wide-eyed Daniel trekking from his moldy apartment in Pheonix all the way north to Calgary, Canada, whereupon he had expected to meet a fellow Judas Priest fan whom he had wooed on an old webforum. The details of the excursion are unknown, although it is rumored that much of his increasing rancour in recent years is due to an unpronounceable STD which was transmitted to him here, as well as a furtive crack habit which he picked up from his one-time lady friend.

Another of these downcast tales focuses on RazörFist getting friend-zoned by a girl whom he had met on Deviantart—incidentally in favor of another man who went by the name of Daniel. As the story purports, Razörfist, subsequently upon finding this fact out, tried to arrange a professional wrestling match between himself and this phony Daniel, which was even announced on one of his shows, 'The Razör's Edge.' This culminated in... spectacular disappointment, for the other Daniel just ignored him. Because the girl he had attempted to win over with his bravado was of Japanese descent, all that the affair resulted in was his irreconcilable hatred for those he derided as "Jap weebs." He has since gone on record supporting the interment of Japanese-American citizens during World War II.

Oh yeah, and sometime during all of this, RazörFist uploaded a video of himself jerking off onto the obscure, which has since been proven as being one of Dusty Smith's old porn sites. The video, itself, was a 5/10 effort, although, to this day, it was the most work ethic he had ever put into online content creation.


Following the Israeli occupation of the United States in 2020, RazörFist, along with hundreds of other politically sensitive individuals along the West Coast deemed not dangerous enough to be executed, were rounded up by Mossad and relocated in Los Angeles, California. For the most part, RazörFist's life went on completely unchanged. Despite the hyperbolic and verbose elocution of his disapproval for the Israeli occupation and Mossad diaspora, the authorities tasked with censoring American media had easily mistaken his videos for normal conservative rants about taxes and whatnot, and let it filter through unscathed. After spending six years in LA contentedly by himself, RazörFist was unexpectedly approached by what had been his second biggest fan ever, The Rational Empiricist, with a proposition to join him in a crusade to usurp Mossad and take back America. Moved by his fan's commitment to watching every video he had ever made (every video), the two joined forces and marched together against Mossad's "Jew Towers" in northern LA in the hopes of expelling their influence from the region.

Then they met what was left of the Fellowship of the E-Celebs and hijinks ensued.


  • RazörFist does not have a set political ideology but can generally be described as Right-Libertarian. He claims to have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science which is probably legit—let's be real.
  • During the late 2010's, RazörFist was an infrequent guest on the Drunken Peasants Podcast, hosted by TJ Kirk, his brother Scotty, his friend Ben, and Scotty's son, Scotty Cena. He was famously destroyed by the show's resident Down Syndrome patient, PaulsEgo, in a debate about guns or whatever despite the latter thinking that it was possible to drive across Phoenix under an hour.
  • Rumor has it he is married and has a son, but this is probably just a part of his cover story since the Howard clones are all infertile.
  • There is speculation that Styxhexenhammer666 is a clone of RazörFist. This may be possible considering that RazörFist is an exact copy of Howard and might have made another clone to do his job for him out of pure incompetence and laziness.
  • His YouTube channel, The Rageaholic, became the sole source of information for Howard, who has instinctually imprinted on him.
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