Raju Singh was a lieutenant for the Resistance stationed in the Bronx. He tragically lost his life in 2026 after failing to recruit mischievous ne'er-do-wells Nick Fuentes and Varg Vikernes for his cause.


After hearing about the daring escape of the newly formed Fellowship of the E-Celebs, Raj reach out with an offer to meet with them in a nearby safehouse to discuss a possible collaboration. Nick and Varg accepted (Jason was busy at 7/11 and McDonalds, looking for Animancer who was being vored by SWEGTA). The meeting ended poorly, however, ending in an all out brawl between our boys, Raju, and two other Resistance chads.

Raju died as a result of being picked up by the legs and his head slammed being into a wall by Varg-- his brains splattering everywhere!

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