Night of the Reign of Terror: Jewish Boogaloo was a month of extrajudicial killings by Israeli occupied America.

History Edit

After Israel annexed America, discontent grew among the people. This resulted in huge crackdowns and lead to the imprisonment of 1 million people. After the government realized their prison population was reaching a critical mass and fearful of a potential uprising they decided to do a grand sweeping purge of almost every single prisoner in the country. Executions were carried out with cruel and unusual punishment like drawn and quartering, tar and feathering, decapitation, hangings, baler crushing, and other forms of medieval torture. From April 5 - March 3 2025 over 3.5 million people were killed and the prisons population was reduced to 8%. The remaining 8% were spared after a last minute cancellation over concerns of comparisons to the Holocaust.

Notable People killed Edit


  • The etymology of the event follows from the fact that Israel modeled the executions after those of Maximilien Robespierre during the Reign of Terror. It just so happened that all of the executions enacted by Israel took place at nighttime.
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