Franz Schlechtnacht was a German puppeteer and former SS officer assigned to the Dachau concentration camp. For a brief period, he joined the Destructive Four, which culminated in his timely demise.

Pre-2026 Edit


Franz during the Holocaust

Information is scarce as to Franz' life as a young Deutsches fop until his enrollment in the Nazi Schutzstaffel—information, itself, learned word of mouth from John Herbert, a Holocaust survivor. Throughout the 1940s, Franz oversaw the summary executions of innumerable POWs and Jews in Dachau. However long Franz served is unknown but, after the conclusion to the European Theater, he fled to the United States in order to avoid the trials at Nuremberg and whence he lived a quiet and unassuming life in the city of Quahog, Rhode Island. Legally changing his name to Franz Gutentag, he lived in relative peace until a boy named Chris (not to be confused with Chris S), whom he had previously befriended, discovered his collection of Nazi memorabilia. Schlechtnacht kept Chris and his father, Peter—the latter having tried to rescue his son—in his basement chamber as he contemplated what to do in the situation. Eventually, the two captives were rescued by the aforementioned Hebert, seeking revenge for his mistreatment at Dachau 70 years prior. A fight thence ensued, culminating in Franz tumbling down the stairs of his front balcony. Under the assumption that he died, Herbert, while attending to Chris and Peter, allowed Franz ample time to gather his valued Nazi artifacts and flee northerly to the Bronx.

History Edit

Franz, in his extreme old age, settled back into his puppeteering business in the Bronx. One day, while tinkering with a puppet outside of his shop, he caught the attention of the Destructive Four, as they absconded from Blood members. Franz decided to present himself as a kind, humble old man and offered them shelter. He gave them medical supplies and offered them tea and other things which Germans enjoy. Varg, fluent in German, was quick to take note of a locked door with a sign containing the word "Nationalsozialismus" above it. Varg, Styxhexenhammer, and stellagirl, in an attempt at distaction, conversed with the old man, while Nick Fuentes attempted to pick the lock. Franz was quick to trust Varg, and vice versa, as both were able to intuit each other as National-Socialists in their youth.

The next day, Nick finally managed to sneak into the locked room and discovered Franz's Nazi memorabilia. Franz, highly cautious to keep his memorabilia room concealed after his run in with Chris, failed not to catch Nick in the act; he threatened to murder Nick if the cat was let out of the bag. Franz also revealed his plan to murder Styx, envious over the fact that such an inferior human, or so he deemed him to be, could be in a relationship with stellagirl—described by Franz as "such [an] Aryan beauty." In spite of the promise which he made to Franz, Nick wasted no time in revealing the details of what he had learned to Varg.


Franz warming up his Volkswagen

As Franz was preparing for his newfound friends a trip to Public Enemy No. 1 territory, the Nord-Med duo devised a plan, whereby Nick would give Styx forewarning of the threat against his life, and Varg would lead Franz upstairs into a trap. However, Franz, taking advantage of their ideological commonality, managed to deceive Varg into mistrusting Styx, who was alleged as being Jewish, whereupon they went to confront (a naked) Styx, stellagirl, and Nick. Subsequently, after a bungled attempt on the part of Franz to deceive Styx, Varg was brought back to his senses by Nick; thus, Franz was surrounded by 3 vastly younger men who wanted him dead.

Death Edit


Franz after being shot through the jawbone by Nick

Unexpectedly, after being shot through the mandible by Nick, Franz went into a complete fight-or-flight adrenaline rush and exerted his life force by running away. Succeeding in dodging Varg's Gandalf staff and Nick's last bullet, Franz slipped past Styx's lanky body, but in the commotion tumbled down his own staircase. Just prior to escaping from the front door of his residency, Styx blocked his path before Varg took one last shot, finishing him off in the head, and splattering his brains across Styx. After disposing of Franz' body, his executioners stole his Volkswagen and fled the bloodied scene.

Trivia Edit

  • He knew Hitler personally and the two were close friends.
  • Franz frequently switched between different European accents. Early-onset dementia is suspected for this.
  • His master race genes gave him incredible vitality and was the reason why he was able to perform acrobatic feats for a 114 year old man.
  • Franz had the supernatural ability to transmogrify his corporeal body into that of a giant puppet. Why he failed to use this ability shortly before his death is unknown.
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