The Fellowship of the E-Celebs (briefly referred to by the media as the Destructive Four) is a small terrorist group bent on taking down the Mossad government in America.

History Edit

At the start the Fellowship of the E-Celebs was merely just a group of dissidents that escaped imprisonment by the Mossad regime. The group failed to join the more centralized and popular "resistance" and were made enemies in their eyes after Nick and Varg killed three of their members.

The Fellowship of the E-Celebs remained a tame group resorting to killings only in self defense or provocation, but all that changed when Dusty Smith entered the picture. Dusty's extreme anti-theism made the group turn into violent activities the first of which involved a massacre in which dozens were killed after the group burned down a Protestant Church and shot any survivors that tried escaping. This atrocity sparked the media to aptly name give them their title. The group also took part in an excursion in an orphanage in which gaurds, nuns, and the Priest were killed. A child named Gatack was abducted and recruited to be a killing machine against Mossad.


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Deceased MembersEdit

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