Emmet is an illegal arms dealer and the brother of Fox J. Sherman.

Prior to 2027Edit

Widely overshadowed by his larger-than-life older brother, Fox, most details concerning Emmet's life remain obscure and insignificant. Likewise as his brother, Emmet was born a southron and, thus, despite eventually moving to Compton, has been imparted a strong Southern United States accent. The specific timeframe during which Emmet departed to Los Angeles is unknown, though it can be presumed to have been around the 1980s, as his dealings with a local street gang date here. Unlike Fox, whose firearm business proliferated into a nation-wide success, Emmet, only able to acquire guns of virtually antique quality, never managed to spread his enterprise farther than the back alley of his apartment.

However, Emmet's shop, aptly named 'Emmet's,' still managed to keep him relatively afloat financially, with plenty of chitlinz n' shit to delight his palate after a hard day's work of peddling cheap weapons. Not at all indignant or resentful towards his far more successful brother, the two managed to stay in touch frequently, first through pagers, and then with the highfalutin technology of cell phones. In 2026, even, Fox, who had made acquaintanceship with a small militia ran by Varg Vikernes, procured for the team a deal with Emmet, who was visiting the Bronx at the time, which was where Fox was located. While they planned on attending, the meeting with Emmet fell short due to the untimely death and hasty funeral of Nick Fuentes. Emmet returned to Los Angeles shortly thereafter.

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