Dusty Smith, born Dusty Dinkleman, was a redneck militant anti-theist and atheist who attempted to commit the final solution on people of faith, particularly Christians, and create an atheist utopia cleansed from religion. In spite of his brash and loud personality, his militancy allowed him to climb his way into the Fellowship of the E-Celebs and briefly became the decision maker of the group until a series of unintelligent decisions led him to be denounced by the group and eventually smited by Thor.

Prior to 2026Edit

Born on March 10, 1976 in Texas, Dusty was raised as Baptist Protestant Christian. His attachment to Christian virtues were shaky at best as he constantly did unbiblical acts of pornographic consumption. He was ahead of the game in driving the algorithm in favor of his personal fetishes, particularly that of facial which prior to Dusty's actions in the primitive computer age was seen as subversive and unmarketable. Sometime around his teenage years his atheist father died of a heart attack and he spent the rest of his Christian years believing he had gone to hell and was put to death for rejecting Yahweh. He continued to believe his downward spiral in life wouldn't matter in the end as he would be promised an afterlife with Jesus eating cheeseburgers and having sex with porn-stars with makeup. The primal fear of death caused him to snap out of his religiosity and spontaneity decided that Christianity was nothing more than a book of middle eastern fairy tales design to control people with fear and terror. After a failed attempt to scam people with a get rich quick scheme involving internet porn he found success on the website YouTube. During the height of the New Atheist movement he made several videos on how religion was cringe and came to the conclusion that society would be better if Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were eradicated from the face of the earth.

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