Comrade Stump was a former YouTuber and Trump sycophant who created the 'Can't Stump the Trump' series during the 2016 Republican Primary and Presidential Election. Though he lost notoriety with time, he went on to use his following to advance right-wing consciousness on figures like Joseph Stalin and Huey Long, all the while pioneering the clever memes "Potato Trump" and pre-cringe "Yang Gang". However, once he got a girlfriend, he sorta became a normie and gradually stopped posting. Mossad almost forgot about him altogether until he came back online in 2025 to tweet out that Mossad was "gay lmao" and that he and his close personal friend, Donald Trump, would totally own them. He was prompty arrested and executed during the Night of the Reign of Terror: Jewish Boogaloo.


  • He was good friends with Nick Fuentes, despite being part Polish.
  • Their friendship was so great that Nick completely forgot who he was by 2026.
  • Liberals HATE him!
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