Chris S was an internet neckbeard, convicted pedophile, and planned host of Salacious Bastards. He was executed in prison in 2025 during the Night of the Reign of Terror: Jewish Boogaloo.


Chris S was the former best friend of Animancer (whilst the latter still went by Fancy Badger) between 2016 and 2017. Before an event known as the Kivil War, the pair planned to move in with each other in Seattle and begin production on an internet podcast titled Salacious Bastards (an enthralling spinoff of the Drunken Peasants podcast oriented around pornography). While the plans for Salacious Bastards were decimated due to Animancer's excommunication from the Drunken Peasants, Chris S stuck around as Fancy's pal until December of 2017, when he mysteriously vanished. Months later, it was revealed by the significant other of a Drunken Peasants host that Chris S had been arrested on charges of possession of child pornography—no wonder he and Fancy remained steadfast friends after the Kivil War!

Upon hearing this news, Jason Unruhe, who—unbeknownst to the general public—had formed a friendship with Fancy, tried his luck at becoming Chris S's replacement host. After the Israeli occupation of the United States, Chris S was executed for his crimes; thenceforth, Salacious Bastards was banished from airing by governmental edict. Jason never managed to see Salacious Bastards come to fruition, though he and Animancer kept close ties over the succeeding years.



  • Chris S suffered from pornography addiction.
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