Baruch Goldstein II was a former Mossad Director and, afterwards, the General Officer in command of the Israeli Ground Forces stationed in the United States. Famously, he was the son of religious extremist, Baruch Goldstein—a descendancy which he took excessive pride in.

Prior to 2020Edit

Baruch Goldstein II was born in the year 1976, birthed only when his father was 20, and to a mother whose identity has never been disclosed, of which public documents and records have presumably been since destroyed by the Israeli government. His father, whose birthname was simply Benjamin, nonetheless bestowed unto his child the now-famous Baruch appellation, of which both are colloquially known as today. By the same token as his father, the junior Baruch was conceived in Brooklyn, not far from the Bronx, while his father, at the time of his son's birth, was a studious schoolboy of medicine and an even more erudite practitioner of Judaism. Baruch Sr., with ambitions as far as the sea is wide, was by this point in time already planning a future for his child, with career opportunities synchronous to his own taken into highest consideration. During this time, the imprint on the young Baruch from his father would be impossible to account for, with much of the latter's strictness of religious being proverbially bludgeoned into the youth's mind, and more importantly, as well—his father's ethno-nationalism, which was to define the futures of the two in a remarkably divergent manner.

At the age of 6, Baruch II emigrated—independently of his will and on the authority of his father—to the State of Israel. His father, hankering to join the IDF as an acting physician, likewise began preparing for his child the education necessary in order to serve in the Mossad upon reaching adulthood. Baruch II, despite relative happiness as a child and adolescent, was pushed with utmost stringency by his father into attaining the occupation which the latter believed to be a goal ordained by God. Consequently, following his 18th birthday in 1994, Baruch II's father, with the full maturation and emancipation of his son in mind, enacted a plan with zero hesitation which he had been concocting for at least a decade, yet which would live on in infamy for many more to foreseeably come. On February 25, 1994, Baruch Goldstein was beaten to death by hundreds Palestinians whom, as an ethnic group, he treated with nothing but spite and vituperation, following a terrorist attack on the West Bank's Ibrahimi Mosque. Baruch Goldstein II was thenceforth the only possessor to the Baruch Goldstein name.

Israel hastened to contain the enormous political scandal which ensued from such an attack and, to ensure further sanguine relations between both Israel and Palestine, condemned Baruch Goldstein as a madman. However, while on the one hand safeguarding public relations, high-ranking officials and politicians among Israel's Knesset were, on the other hand, ecstatic, filled to the brim with veneration for whom they furtively considered to be a hero of Herculean proportion. Baruch II, whose profound learnedness on deductive investigation and military combat was positioning for himself a secure entry into Mossad, could only benefit by their enthusiasm. A mere week after the whole ordeal, while the young Goldstein was still mourning, was he visited by two Mossad agents at the military academy which he attended, whereupon the fortune which had fallen into lap, by incident of filial relationship, was revealed to the young man. The papers had already been signed: Baruch Goldstein II was escorted from the premises of his school and recruited into Mossad.

Initiated into MossadEdit

Over the subsequent decades, Goldstein's initiative never faltered, for continuously, to the astonishment of his peers, did he climb the ranks of the organization until finally, on September 11th, 2001, reaching the position of Director. Throughout the journey, his cognizance of the agency's true nature cumulatively emerged, until eventually he was, himself, at the peak of this gargantuan pyramid-like structure, one arranged very much so like an actual pyramid scheme—albeit, one based around intelligence and information rather than finance capital. Contained within this intricate web were many poltroons, oafs, and all around whack-a-loons whom Goldstein was required to communicate with and assign missions to.

It was through Mossad that Goldstein met and became affiliated with several of his lifelong cohorts, such as Benjamin Netanyahu, the mysterious NG-VA, and most importantly, Jacob Rothschild, all of whom, with dastardly precision, began planning, by at least the early 2000s, for an Israeli invasion of the United States, as means to further facilitate white genocide. Despite this fact being verily well-known (for its enaction into reality took place in 2020—see below), the details as to its formulation, preparation, physical arrangement, and so on remain confidential to all but its aforementioned orchestrators as well as their most stalwart allies.


Invasion of the United States of AmericaEdit

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