Animancer, also known as Fancy Badger, was an anemic adult male. He was mostly known for his work on the Underhaven podcast.

Prior to 2026 Edit

Animancer had had a long history of failed internet populism. Then know as THEREALMOREO, he started to use the internet in the late 2000s, starting off on several YouTube Poop communities. It was from these humble beginnings where he made his postmodern masterpiece, Mexican Mario. Sometime passed after this before Animancer (now known as Fancy Badger) discovered the Drunken Peasants Podcast. Animancer's cringe liberal populism attracted him fervently to the show and he started editing the first DP Wiki in late-2014. Quickly abandoned by an inactive staff team, Animancer—along with his cohorts Fralab and Bullshit Police—created their own wiki shortly afterwards.

A year-and-a-half later, Animancer and his staff decided to branch out, chosing the nascent DP Discord server to socialize in and, eventually, consolidate under their control. Like with all internet cautionary tales, the power quickly went to Animancer's head. Gaining the trust of the Drunken Peasants themselves, they stamped his server with an official mark of approval; this only helped to fuel his ego. In spite of all this, Animancer's incompetence predictably lead to infighting, mass bannings, and lazy management. A cult of personality developed and it eventually lead to an embarrassing downfall.

Kivil War Edit

Who would have ever thought that an autistic DP fan server would attract real women into its midst? Well, dear reader, I can assure you that none of them were pretty. In fact, many of them were plagued with inexorable medical conditions, were obese, and some—we're sorry to say—even had penises. This was a problem, as the entirely virgin comprised staff would pounce upon virtually anything with a pulse (nay, some—perhaps, fortunately—settled for anime women). Animancer was no exception, as one anecdote displays him commanding staff members to find him a girlfriend. Luck behold: Animancer did, indeed, find one—an Irish woman by the name of Dai, whom he would cheat on frequently (keep in mind that this was simply an "e-relationship"). One of these women, Kivil, was only 14. This entire dilemma was leaked to the other staff members who attempted a coup and failed miserably. While Animancer initially managed to hold onto power, his escapades were made public in a video by Pierre Tru-Dank, whereupon his authority imploded in on itself.

Underhaven Edit

After that disaster, Animancer kept a low profile for a while before changing his online moniker to that which is listed on this page. In 2018, Animancer attempted to regain the personality cult he was starving for. Teaming up with the semi-successful YouTuber, SWEGTA, they created the Underhaven podcast. The show was a pale imitation of DP, but nevertheless gained moderate traction. Animancer had another surge in popularity, but his low work ethic made it impossible for him to achieve his goal of being a successful YouTuber. During 2023, SWEGTA and Animancer had a falling out after the Kivil War resurfaced to the public. Underhaven, thus, caved in, much like the old DP server and, thenceforth, Animancer's only presence online was on the numerous and increasingly frequent Under the Hood livestreams that he hosted.

History Edit

Years after the Israeli annexation of the United States, Animancer, partaking in his typical irl livestream, departed off to his local McDonald's, late into the evening. Following the consumption a delectable McGriddle burger, Animancer, becoming suddenly inflicted by a gastro-intestinal problem, abruptly terminated the livestream and went to the bathroom. While in the stalls, Animancer noticed a stranger's feet walk towards his door, eventually stopping to remain immediately within the vicinity; this lasted for about a minute. Caught in a state of confusion and a McGriddle burger-induced stupor, Animancer clumsily tried pussyfooting away, only to be confronted by a mentally-unstable SWEGTA, frothing at the mouth. Lo and behold, SWEGTA, then, devoured Animancer whole like a snake.

Later into the night, Jason Unruhe, who, concurrent to Animancer's ambush, escaped from a local Mossad prison, entered the McDonald's to search for Animancer, whom he had befriended years prior. Incidentally after discovering the fate of of his young friend, Unruhe promptly attacked SWEGTA, accidentally striking at

Animancer concealed beneath a car

Animancer simultaneously, severely wounding him. In due course, Jason managed to save him; he hid Animancer under an abandoned car until the authorities had dispersed from the scene, thereupon escorting him to the Joker Staircase. With a portion of his lower-left abdomen fiercely wounded, it seemed unlikely for Animancer to survive; miraculously, Varg Vikernes, a newfound friend of Jason's, prayed to Odin, who came down and healed Animancer's wounds. Animancer joined their group and, thereafter, took a ride in Styxhexenhammer's car. Animancer barely spoke and mostly just sat awkwardly, crammed between Jason and Nick Fuentes, the latter of whom also accompanied them for the ride. When the opportunity did arise, however, Animancer would sniff the hair of Styx's girlfriend, Stellagirl; his excuse was that he had a stuffy nose.

Later, the crew found themselves in Bloods territory. A battle ensued after Jason attacked a prostitute, resulting in the gang being chased by Blood members. In the commotion, Animancer was shot through the stomach and collapsed to the ground; his teammates abandoned him without a show of remorse. Unfortunately, his friend and succourer, Jason, met his end here as well.


Animancer and his captives

About a week later, Animancer's captors managed to obtain the phone number of Styxhexenhammer—who, once the Bloods called, was incapacitated by Bobby Ray and Tammy Jones. Varg answered the incoming call and was ordered to bring 5,000 dollars to a nearby park, whereby Animancer would be promptly and safely returned. Joining Varg in this daring rescue mission were two of Animancer's old friends from the DP Wiki: Gatack and Lance. The gang planned to trick the Bloods by using a bag of Subway brand white bread to serve as a substitute for the hefty sum of money which they lacked. The Bloods failed to fall for such an ill-prepared ruse and attacked Animancer's valiant rescuers. The barbaric hoodlums were vanquished without haste and Animancer was thereupon carried to safety by Varg.

Animancer subsequently served the same purpose for the team as he did previously: solely as cannon fodder. Briefly shown how to use a firearm by Varg and Fox J. Sherman, Animancer was brought along for the prison breakout of Styx, who had been apprehended from the premises of the Ray residency hours earlier.


For what appeared to be a thrilling high point in the youngling's life, the end of the road for Animancer was—forsooth!—just around the corner. Animancer, along with his pal Lance, was initially allocated to Nick Fuentes; this cadre, however, dissolved before it was even given a chance to flourish, due to the impudence of Dusty Smith. While Dusty was rapidly discharged from the group for this, for his safety he was, nonetheless, apportioned Animancer, who coincidentally had moderated Dusty's old Discord server. Dusty, famished and exhausted, was in dire need of sustenance. Alas, to the misfortune of his teammate, Dusty shot and cannibalized Animancer instantly upon being given a moment alone. Animancer's entire remains were later fed by Dusty to the Styxigator—to the bewilderment of the rest of the Fellowship.


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