Andrew Yang was an Asian-American entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who was executed in 2025 during the Night of the Reign of Terror: Jewish Boogaloo.


Andrew Yang's only moment of significance in American culture was his brief bid for president of the United States in 2020. While the general public ignored Yang and his perceived ramblings of 1,000 dollars a month, the internet made him into a minor star. Boosted into popularity by the likes of Comrade Stump and Nick Fuentes, the Yang Gang meme, as it was titled, was initially quite based. As all good things on the internet back in those days, however, this didn't last very long. Soon enough, liberals such as Animancer, SWEGTA, and SwordofStorms hopped onto the bandwagon. With such partisan losers weighing him down, the appeal of Yang quickly dissipated.

Still, Yang was for one moment in 2019 considered pretty epic by the far-right and far-left alike. Israel failed to forget this fact and, after their 2024 annexation of the US, quickly had Yang arrested as a potential oppositional figure. Yang's family, including his two autistic children, received the Romanov treatment in 2025 during the Night of the Reign of Terror: Jewish Boogaloo. Comrade Stump was executed shortly afterwards, as well.


Look, nothing matters, country's goin' to Hell—might as well get a thousand dollars a month. Are you really gonna turn down free money?
―Nick Fuentes at the start of Yang's presidential bid.
We need to cure the disease.
―Andrew Yang being reeeaaaaallly conspicuous here.
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